21 Days Fasting & Prayer 2016

21 Days Fasting & Prayer – “Anoint the Shield” (Isaiah 21:5) Thursday 1st – Wednesday 21st December, 2016 “The shield of faith is more than a defensive weapon! My faith overcomes the world!”  WEEK 1 (1ST – 7TH DECEMBER) FOCUS: “THANKSGIVING, REPENTANCE & RESTITUTION!” God says, “I dwell in the high and holy place, with…

Revised Logo – “Greater!”


To the glory of God, on Sunday 17th April, 2016 Word Fountain Christian Ministries adopted a new logo.

We appreciate our blessed KAFMEDIA for working tirelessly on the new logo and helping us to keep track of history!

We dedicate the new logo to the glory of God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit! We present the new logo as an offering to the Great Commision & Great Commandment in Jesus name! Amen.

Possessing Greater Nations! Sense & Sight of Destiny! Please read: Genesis 12:1-7; Genesis 13:14-15; Genesis 15:18 Genesis 17:7-8 Genesis 22:17 God has a plan & works out His plan through people. It is the path & part that God allocates to each one that I refer to as destiny (not fate). Abram was called out…

What the Bible Says about Baptism in Water

Meaning: Water baptism is an act of obedience that follows conversion. It is one of the sacraments (a ceremony regarded as imparting spiritual grace). It portrays the washing away of our sins and the rising up into newness of life. The Greek word ‘baptiso’ which is the root word for “baptism” means to immerse, submerse…