Faith & Fitness Month 2017 @ WFCM

Glory to God Almighty for His unfailing mercies and loving kindness.

July 2017 was a month of outreach as the Church was mobilised for community outreach events at Cowley Carnival and participation at Love Oxford! In between, we had a Mental Health Awareness Service facilitated by Mind Cafe (London).

In the month, we had two naming cereminies and two wedding thanksgiving. We rounded up the 15th year with another glorious Faith and Fitness weekend. July Night Vigil was powerful as the Lord used various instruments (including our children) to speak to us on the theme, “Winning with a sound mind”. (2 Timothy 1:7).

Saturday was celebration galore as we joined the Afenyos and WFCM Swindon Assembly to celebrate Pastor Seyram’s Big 4 birthday.

On Sunday, the WFCM Fitness team led by Bro Simon (Olympic Bronze Medalist) and Bro Tobi (Oxford Gym Instructor) showed us how to stay fit physically….

2017 Prayer in the Park!Even as it is in the spiritual, we all have different physical abilities.Our Olympic Bronze…

Posted by Word Fountain on Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

Other pictures and video clips are captured on our FaceBook page!

Today as we round up July 2017 by His grace, we continue the final lap of our 21days prayer & fasting in readiness towards the celebration of the 15th Anniversary on August 5th & 6th to the glory of God Almighty!

Some of the prayer points raised in the period will be captured on a separate post in due course. Our hearts are filled with expectations as we cry out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us!”


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