2018/19 Crossover Service

Theme: “Rejoicing in Hope” Romans 12:12

Happy New Year to you and all yours in Jesus name!

Glory to God Almighty and welcome to 2019 by His grace & for His glory!  This is another year that Jehovah Shammah watches over! El Roi leads and we follow Him into the green pastures & paths of righteousness for His name sake!

Thank you all for being part of the glorious entry into 2019 in God’s presence. By His grace, It shall continue to be a Triumphant Procession to the end in Jesus name. The lines of the year fall on us in pleasant places and we have a godly heritage!

The God of Hope shall fill us up with joy and peace. Our ‘Cheerful Anticipation” will not be deferred & will not disappoint in Jesus name!” I thank everyone that joined us for the Crossover Night!

God has credited 365 days to us, none shall be missing, we shall draw nearer to Elohim, increase on all sides & do exploits to the glory of His name!


Some pictures from the Crossover Service 2018/19


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