Glorious Welcome To The 2nd Half Of 2018!

Welcome to July 2018!
Glory to God Almighty!

It is a new day!
It is a new week!
It is a new month!
It is the 2nd half of 2018!

Welcome to you and your family!

You are met with joy unspeakable, full of glory! The trees meet you with clapping! Welcome!
The King of Glory is already in it!

“You are God from beginning to the end; there is no place for argument, You are God all by yourself!”

Glory to God Almighty who leads us in triumphant procession! Thank Him for the 1st half as you embrace the 2nd half! Declare His faithfulness to the ends of the earth!

Welcome to the Month of *Healing Wonders* Acts 5:12-16!

God’s power and gifts flow out of His grace and are activated by faith!

Oh that our generation may be healed again from the lusts and lies of the Devil; from ignorance, arrogance & indifference to God’s Truth! Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth as you touch the hearts of men, women & children!

Pray that God will heal His Church of its backsliding & compromise in Jesus name!

Pray that God will bless His Church with faith and boldness to walk in its Redemptive grace and gifts as “Salt & Light” In Jesus name!”

Pray that nations will cry out and ‘bitter waters’ in the lands be healed! That wickedness & backsliding be healed in Jesus name!

Pray that ‘carnivals’ will give way to Crusades! Pray that lives will be touched by God’s love and brokenness give way to healing in Jesus name!

Pray that hearts & homes be healed of spiritual, medical, mental, moral & financial poverty! Pray that the hearts of men will thirst for God and His Truth in Jesus name.

Pray that you will enjoy Divine Health; that your bread and water will be blessed & sickness and disease be taken away from your midst in Jesus name!

Decree that you and your household will not eat the bread of sorrow or drink from the cup of affliction in Jesus name!

Pray that God will cleanse you of all unrighteousness. That you will possess your vessel in purity by His grace in Jesus name.

Pray that God will bestow on you and His Church the gift of healing! That you will be His channel of signs and wonders in Jesus name!

May God Open the floodgates Of Heaven & let it rain upon you and all yours, His Church & the Nations in Jesus name! Amen & Amen!


Dupe Adefala


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