Possessing Greater Nations!

Sense & Sight of Destiny!
Please read:
Genesis 12:1-7;
Genesis 13:14-15;
Genesis 15:18
Genesis 17:7-8
Genesis 22:17

God has a plan & works out His plan through people. It is the path & part that God allocates to each one that I refer to as destiny (not fate).

Abram was called out of idolatry & he departed! Destiny in God must separate you from sin! Sorry, you can’t have both! What will you depart from?

Abraham had many visitations, revelations & manifestations on his path to destiny. He built ‘altars’, saw ‘stars’ and ‘sand’. He ‘looked up’ & ‘looked down’ without losing sight of purpose! He rejected the ‘offer of strife’ with Lot and gave up everything! Why? God demanded that He must walk before Him & be perfect!

It was a daily task!

Destiny is first a relational issue before it becomes a reality! Having a sense & sight of destiny should motivate us to defend God’s honour, not defile it.

Pray that God will help you cultivate & develop a ‘sense & sight of destiny’ that can’t be corrupted or aborted in Jesus name! Shalom.


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