Give God His Place at Home!


The Bible is God’s Word from Genesis 1 verse 1 to Revelation 22 verse 21! It is always profitable if learnt, understood and applied to life in all circumstances. The Word of God is corrective and creative! It is life giving and life sustaining! We short-change ourselves when we ignore or disobey it. Ignorance is no excuse and arrogance is destructive. There is nothing that is not subject to God’s Word!

When hearts open to God’s Word, stress and distress are displaced and love floods in! Marriage is a life time adventure and being born into a family is by Divine arrangement. Therefore, we need God’s presence and counsel to make marriage and family life a glorious experience. Without a doubt living together will always pose a challenge in an atmosphere of selfish ambition, greed, pride, unforgiveness, bitterness, adultery, abuse, evil speaking, etc. It is easy for these ‘negative cloud’ to gather around families when God is left out!

DIY is very good with gardens and cars to a very limited extent. Over time, the garden needs the attention of a ‘tree doctor’ and the car needs a mechanic! Marriages and families need God’s attention on a daily basis before hearts are broken and hardened! Many throw money, tradition and intellect at marital issues that require spiritual attention – repentance, forgiveness, love, prayer, counsel and love of God! In this state, challenges don’t just mount up, they ‘ride over’ every member of the family.

Give God the priority He deserves in your relationship and watch circumstances take their place! Let Him pour His love into your heart and seek His face for the transformation and restoration needed in your family. When God’s love is present, our hearts fill up with joy, peace, patience, self-control, gentleness, longsuffering and goodness. May you and every member of your family open up to God’s love afresh in Jesus name.

Please download prayer guide for families here (PDF | DOC)

God bless



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