The Honour of Marriage!

We give God All the glory as He helped us to round up our focus on Marriage & family “Love Overflows” today with Pastor Thomas & Pastor Eunice Alamu of Hope Assembly as our guest ministers who spoke on “The Honour of Marriage”! Awesome!

Thanks to God Almighty for the deep spiritual work and weather as Relationship, Marriage & Family (RMF) Team treated us to a special BBQ!

Haggai 2:3-9
Be strong! Do the Work required in your marriage; The Lord is with you!
You will not fear when you know it is all about covenant & the Holy Spirit.

The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former!
God’s shaking is the final shaking & what can’t be shaken shall remain.
What can’t be shaken is what God establishes!
Marriage can’t be shaken when God is in the centre.

Both husband & wife must have personal relationship with God!
Both relationships must be strong in God. Jesus must be the centre of the marriage. We need to correct the wrong foundations. We must defend our marriage against intrusion or redefinition.

Matthew 19:9
A believer should not instigate divorce. Hardness of heart can be melted with God’s love. Jesus loved us while we were in sin. If your marriage is in Christ, He can give you the strength to forgive & love again.

Ephesians 5:22-33
God wants us treat each other as if we are dealing with Jesus. Love is the critical element.

1 Corinthians 13:
Get your marriage restored fully unto God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Those who don’t have a beginning never have a covenant with God! You must have a beginning with God. Are you saved? Do you know when you got saved?

If your relationship with God is not restored, you can’t experience the greater honour. Get right with God! God can save your spouse BECAUSE of you!  That is an eternal reward!

Ephesians 5:
God only likens the Bride of Christ as a wife – A great mystery! God cleanses with the word! So that we can be prepared for the return of The Lord!

God is restoring marriages, health, finance, etc. when you forgive, healing flows. Jesus is the living word.

Marriage is not cohabitation! Cohabitation is not recognised by God. Christian Marriage is not between a believer & unbeliever, the Devil will become one of the spiritual ‘father in-laws’.

Hebrews 13:4:
God is the One who will judge whoremongers & adulterers! Leave the judgement to Him, He does it better! As a Christian spouse, preserve the honour in your marriage with the strength & integrity that God gives. Preserve the ‘godly seed’ in your children. Partner with God for victory in every area. Let God’s love overflow through you!

Once you are married, keep yourself ‘marketable’ don’t give up on your appearance, manners & relationship with God! Don’t lag behind in your walk with God!

Communicate – don’t let the Devil cut off communication! Make an effort to keep the line open.

A woman is a gate keeper! What ever your spouse can’t hear of must not be spoken. If you can’t tell your spouse, then it is not ready to be spoken! Gain each other’s trust & attention!

Care for your spouse! If you love, you will give – (prayer, attention, encouragement, gifts, etc.) Seal the cracks! Prayer will melt whatever is not making love to flow! Marriage is like a building, if the foundation is right, you can always refurbish it! Maintenance is necessary!

You are a watchman! Whoever is stronger is the gateman! God needs a partner in your marriage. He is ready to work with willing hearts!

Awesome time in His presence.

God Bless


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