WFCM Swindon/North Oxford Joint Fellowship

By God’s grace, WFCM Swindon Assembly hosted WFCM North Oxford today!

A remarkable and memorable joint fellowship rooted in love and unity of the Spirit. We see the “WFCM friendship, fellowship & fulfilment signature’ in the pictures shared.

In His own way of honouring the headquarters at Cowley which birthed the two Assemblies on the same day, God sent four people representing Asia, Africa and the Carribeans to join us in worship.

We thank God for our leaders and faithful brethren who are working with God to see His purpose fulfilled.

I also spent time on vision casting with our Vessels of Honour (youths). It was encouraging sharing fellowship and learning with them. They have so much to share with us.

May God continue to perfect all that concerns us and prepare us for His return.

Thank You Jesus.


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