WFCM Family Month Reflections – May 2016

Theme: “The Greatest is Love!

1 Corinthians 13:13
“There abideth faith, hope and love; and the greatest is love.”

Love in action!
Love in practice!

We are really & truly grateful to God for all He has taught us & all He has blessed us with (including a fruitful Talk Show on “Effective Communication”, an awesome Children’s Day with the theme, “I’m for Greater and a glorious wedding that was started and nurtured at WFCM)!

To Him alone be the glory!

We thank everyone and all departments for your labour of love. Brethren travelled from far & near to be part of Word Fountain Family. Brethren prayed & gave of themselves & their substance to support the groom & the bride as well as their families!

3 Churches (Everlasting Arms Ministries, London; RCCG – Overcomers Parish, Swindon & Word Fountain Christian Ministries, Oxford;) connected seamlessly with the natural families to participate in all that God has ordained before the foundation of the world!

We thank God for His servants Pastors Kayode & Lola Owolabi & Pastors Kunle & Olayinka Adegboyega for demonstrating God’s love.

On Sunday 22/5/16, RMF (Positive Parenting) facilitated a hearty workshop on the place of nurturing family traditions to help us all connect better in our families.
The contributions of our children were invaluable!

There was also the need to clarify how we can break traditions that oppose our Christian faith! We don’t just carry them on, on the premise of “We used to…….”

I read this article:

We concluded that it is important that each family has a written vision that will drive its ‘traditions’ (what it allows or not). We need to create positive memories of family, celebrate success, share space & time together, go on holidays, correct in love, younger ones to respect the older ones & older ones not to smack younger ones, etc.

This topic of developing positive family traditions is crucial to the development of healthy families! We were also reminded that, even if memories of family traditions or relationships have not been positive or great, we can always trust God for healing and to ‘start afresh with Him!”

The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former in Jesus name.

We look forward to the Night Vigil on 27/5/16 and BBQ on Sunday 29/5/16. We trust God to move us on to “Greater” in Jesus name. We appreciate the Relationship, Marriage & Family (RMF) Team for working tirelessly with the Holy Spirit to nurture the gift of relationships among us.

God bless us all in Jesus name.


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