Embrace 2016!

Compliments of the Season to you and your household in Jesus name!

The year 2015 has been a great year of Living for God’s glory!  Thank you all for your labour of love in the Lord’s vineyard.

Let us collectively reflect on our growth and gains from Word Fountain Church and our community projects  under the banner of Family Arena.

By the grace of God, activities such as Bible studies, prayers, vigils, breakfast & evangelism, Sunday services, Family Dinner, Couples’ Dinner, Faith & Fitness, Love Feast, Water Baptism, Anoint the Shield, child naming, child dedication, house & cars dedication, birthday celebrations, wedding, etc. have stirred our hearts with gratitude to God.  Also, Family Arena Adult Literacy/Computer education events, City & Guilds certification exams, Holiday Activities,  have added value to adults and children.  Knowing that many volunteer hours have been physically and spiritually invested.  We continue to thank the Lord God Almighty and appreciate His love and presence among us.

A big “Thank You” to everyone in every capacity that you have prayed and served in 2015.  Your availability and commitments have made the year remarkable for the Junior & Adult Church.  Your giving of time, talents and treasures have been blessed by God to facilitate His work and bless His people. You will not miss your reward in Jesus name.

Embrace 2016!
As 2015 comes to a close and we wind down for the festivities, we go beyond resolution rituals to embracing the New Year that God has crowned with His goodness!

It is a Leap Year! It is also the 14th Anniversary of Word Fountain (August) to the glory of God. Let us commit to take greater leaps in gratitude, prayer, Bible study, love, faith & godliness. We trust God for His manifest presence, prosperity and divine health.  We embrace new marriages, more children, success in studies and travelling mercies.  I trust God that you are set for 2016!  It is the “Year of Greater!” 1 John 4:4

We thank God for Relationship, Marriage & Family (RMF) Team.  They have helped compile a colourful Calendar for 2016. The Church monthly themes, birthdays and activities are captured in the calendar. I hope you have got a few copies for yourself and your family.  There are still a few copies available.

Also, Family Arena Community Link Project has mapped out activities for 2016. They are focused on empowering adults to take opportunities as they arise and our children to develop life skills through creative and safe play.  There is always something for everyone. These projects help us to serve our wider community as we meet critical needs working in partnership with other stakeholders including the City and County Councils.

Why not find out more and register your interests as well as holiday activity sessions for your children?  Have you considered volunteering for Family Arena Holiday Activities? A few hours, day, week etc. all add up to making the projects a reality.

Further details are also on the websites:

This is wishing you and your loved a gloriour 2016 in which the Greater One in you empowers you to attain greater heights and do greater works!

God bless

Modupe Adefala


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