Make your faith real

We can’t give others what we don’t have. If we want our children to love Jesus with authentic and passionate hearts, we, as parents, must have a living and dynamic relationship with God. This isn’t about being “religious.” It comes from genuinely loving the one true God of the Bible who reveals himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Parents who are apathetic or lukewarm about living for God can’t expect their kids to shine brightly for Jesus. We need to examine our own relationship with God and ask this simple question, “If my child grows up to have a faith like mine, would that be a good thing?”

Living With Grace

The culture of a home also reflects grace when parents refuse to speak judgmental words about people in their community, church, or extended family. If we have sharp tongues and critical spirits behind closed doors in the privacy of our homes, our children soon recognise our hypocrisy. Our words become a compelling witness as to how the gospel of grace rule in our heart and home.

Discipline must be redemptive NOT abusive (verbal, physical, financial or sexual). The ‘rod’ must comfort, strengthen & direct in the path of righteousness!

Let us Build up not Break Down!

God bless,



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