Fathers’ Day 2017 @ WFCM

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Giving glory to God Almighty the Father of fathers for His unfailing mercies and goodness to humanity! Drawing inspiration from Psalm 104, we bless the Most High God today and always.  We all wait for Him that He may give us our food in due season. What He gives us we gather in; He opens His hand and we are filled with good. When He hides His face, we are troubled and when He takes away our breath, we die and return to dust. He sends forth His Spirit, we are created and He renews the face of the earth. May His glory endure forever; may He rejoice in His work. Amen
(Psalm 104:27-31)

Godly fathers:
The godly father is an instrument in God’s hand. We rise up to salute and honour them not only today but always.  We thank God for fathers as He fashioned them to be a source of hope and inspiration for their families. Fathers are pillars of strength and hope. When they take their identity and bearing from God Almighty, they make positive generational impact (Psalm 78).

Drawing strength from God, godly fathers assure us that things will be all right when tough times are around the corner. Godly fathers are faithful to God and are bold to declare their loyalty to Him. Like Joshua, they commend themselves and their families to serve God even in the face and heat of hostility! While others are trusting in nature & science, godly fathers seek wisdom from God and His Word. 

IMG_0110 (Joshua 24:15).

Godly fathers trust their children and constantly encourage them to pursue their passions, fulfill their dreams, and plan for their future. Godly fathers are forever hopeful and inspire their families to push beyond themselves. They are loving and forgiving. They make room for the ‘prodigals’ to return and counsel the angry ‘senior brother’ to love again. Godly fathers promote peace & reconciliation. (Luke 15:11-32)

We thank God for all Men of Valour at Word Fountain Christian Ministries. You are crowned with God’s glory. He will maintain your lot in life and enlarge your coast as you appear before Him today. We appreciate your labour of love in your families and in the household of God! You are the best!👍🏽🙏🏾❤️


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