The Greater One! Apostle Pearl Kupe

If you want the Greater One to manifest & express Himself in & through you, you must cultivate the attitude of worship. Your healing will locate you in the worship. Your provision will locate you in the worship.

May you be provoked to worship like never before! May God release the DNA of true & acceptable worship into you! You don’t wait for music, because God has ‘piped’ & ‘tuned’ you by His Spirit!  You don’t wait till Sunday because each day that He assigns to you is dedicated to His worship & you have cultivated the purpose of living.

“I was not persuaded by men to know God, but I was convicted by the Holy Spirit.” God took a ‘party girl’ & turned her to a ‘preach girl’.

The DNA of prayer is here.
May the Lord give you a “Go Ye Visa” in Jesus name!