Senior Pastor, Dupe Adefala

Dupe Adefala

We give all the glory to God that you found us in the ever increasing “virtual highway!”

On behalf of the Leadership Team, I say “Thank you and welcome!”

It is our desire that you find this website a great resource for inspiration and spiritual growth. We also look forward to meeting and sharing fellowship with you physically at our base in Cowley-Oxford, or on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.
Word Fountain is a growing family of seekers and believers from diverse backgrounds being nurtured to become a people of inheritance in the love and mercy of God. We believe that while God has called some into specific spiritual offices, he has also ordained the ‘priesthood’ of every believer. We therefore create opportunities for everyone to discover, develop and deploy their God-given identity and gifts. We have a strong belief that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is true, authoritative and relevant for every generation including 21st century people! It does not need to be redefined on any matter, but it needs to be read, believed and put into practice. The Bible in its teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit provide the biblical culture that influence and guide family life, health and wealth of every individual. The Bible also has the power to lead humanity beyond time into eternity!

Consequently, our style is relaxed and informal, as well as being vibrant and alive making room for everyone to be part of God’s goodness and a partaker of His glory!

We cater for all age groups and through natural and spiritual births; we are growing to be all that God wants us to be. Our Children & Youths Church is run by a team that are endowed with grace and gifts to cater to toddlers, children and teenagers, who have their own age-related groups. The Adults Church caters to the need of anyone over 19 years old irrespective of where they are on life’s journey. Our Adult Church offers worship, prayers, evangelism and outreach as well as the Global School of Ministry. These and a variety of other focus groups make Word Fountain a vibrant community! The Children & Youths as well as Adult Churches are served by the Stewardship Team who facilitate activities and other backend services.

Word Fountain Christian Ministries serves the wider community through its Family Arena Community Link Project through which it provides Out of School Childcare, Adult Literacy and Economic Empowerment training, Clothing, Community Café and Rag Bag project.
We would love you to visit and share in what God has given to us. His free grace and wonderful promises are too good to keep to ourselves! Many have come over the years and found answers to their questions and fulfilment for their deepest needs. Come whenever you are able – you will always find a welcome here! Find out more about our services and offerings…