Word Fountain Christian Ministries.
Personal Data Consent Form
(ICO Reg No ZA302200)

Word Fountain Christian Ministries (WFCM) as a responsible registered charity and company limited by guarantee is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals. We need to collect and use certain types of data for the purpose of delivering services according to our mission and objectives. These can include data on members, business and charity contacts, employees, volunteers, funders, donors, suppliers and other people the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact. Word Fountain Christian Ministries has taken the proactive stance of voluntary registration with Information Commissioner’s Office.

From 25th May 2018, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (EU GDPR) requires organisations like Word Fountain Christian Ministries to seek and obtain the explicit consent of their members, supporters and partners to use all new and historical personal data/information collected from such individuals or organisations. As a member, volunteer, donor, friend, service user, or partner, we currently hold and process your personal data/information which you provided to us as per attached GDPR Data Protection Policy.

We hereby confirm that the personal data/information you have provided will be processed, shared and stored as per our Privacy Policy. We will not give your personal data/information to any unauthorised persons. You also have a right to find out the information WFCM holds about you, update your details, or withdraw your consent, you may do so by contacting WFCM in writing by sending an email to: We aim to respond to your request within 10 days. If you have asked for personal data to be deleted, we will inform you as soon as this is done. Please answer the questions below to give or withdraw your consent:


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